Deed of Trust

The Hall is governed by a Deed of Trust drawn up in 1998 and is recognised as a Scottish Charity.
The Deed of Trust was established by Glenmoriston Estates, the owners of the land on which the Hall stands and sets out the framework by which the Hall must be run. The hall is held in trust by the Trustees on behalf of everyone on the electoral roll of Invermoriston and Dalchreichart.
The legal responsibility for the Hall rests with the Trustees but day to day management is delegated to the Management Committee. The Trustees are:-

  • The Minister of Glenurquhart and Glenmoriston
  • The Community Councillor for the time being
  • A nominee of Glenmoriston Estates Ltd.
  • The Chairperson of the Management Committee for the time being
  • The Treasurer of the Management Committee for the time being


The Constitution sets out the rules under which the Management Committee is elected and defines the scope of its powers in accordance with the Deed of Trust.
The Constitution also covers the use of the Hall funds, which must be used solely for the purposes of the Hall.
Under the terms of the Deed of Trust, local community groups may nominate representatives to serve on the Committee.

Download a copy of the Constitution.
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